How to Avoid Family Status Discrimination When Managing Lead Paint Hazards

May 17, 2023    
If you’re among the many landlords with lead paint problems, you face some difficult choices.  

Is Your Website Putting You at Risk of a Disability Discrimination Lawsuit?

April 18, 2023    
Website accessibility is rapidly emerging as the next big thing in fair housing liability.   Like any other consumer-facing business, multifamily housing providers need a good website that online shoppers can use to scope out their product. But while most landlords understand its business...

The 10 Most Common Fair Housing Liability Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

March 20, 2023    
We present scenarios based on actual cases. Your job: Spot the fair housing mistake.  

When to Grant Tenants’ Requests for Assistance Animals

February 21, 2023    
What Would You Do? Neighbors complain that a tenant is keeping Binky, a loud and menacing-looking pit bull, in her apartment in violation of your community’s no-pets policy. You ask the tenant to get rid of the dog or you may have to evict her. She becomes flustered and insists that she has a...

Illegal Immigration and Fair Housing Liability Risks

January 23, 2023    
Illegal immigration is a touchy and politically charged subject. It’s also an issue that many landlords in America need to address on a daily basis. There are approximately 11.5 million undocumented aliens living in this country, according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates. Because the vast...

2022 Scorecard: Using Fair Housing Court Cases to Improve Your Compliance Efforts

December 19, 2022    
Cases from the past year offer six important lessons.  

Avoid 9 Discrimination Pitfalls When Tenants Seek Unit Transfers

November 19, 2022    
While it may seem like routine business, responding to transfer requests may have significant fair housing implications.   Let’s play a quick game of fair housing word association in the multifamily leasing context: Housing discrimination. For many, this phrase summons up images of...

Do Your Rental Fees, Deposits, and Charges Violate Fair Housing Laws?

October 21, 2022    
While many fees are perfectly legitimate, some fees add up to illegal discrimination.  

Make Sure Your Occupancy Standards Don't Discriminate Against Families with Children

September 21, 2022    
We’ll give you six rules for avoiding liability risks when setting and enforcing occupancy standards.  

The 10 Biggest Fair Housing Cases of 2022—So Far

August 18, 2022    
We’ll tell you what happened in each case—and how it may impact your property.   Most of you are pretty familiar with what the fair housing laws require. But it’s in the court rooms and administrative tribunals where the broad rules and principles of fair housing law are...