How to Fulfill Your Duty to Prevent Race Discrimination

July 13, 2020    
Recent protests against racial inequities in policing have drawn attention to racism elsewhere, including in housing.   In this month’s lesson, the Coach focuses on fulfilling your obligation to comply with fair housing rules banning discrimination based on race and color.

How Communities Successfully Defend Against Disability Discrimination Claims

June 9, 2020    
Three recent cases offer keys to avoiding complaints and court losses.   In this lesson, Fair Housing Coach highlights recent court rulings to show how communities successfully defend themselves from disability discrimination claims in court. Though the law has been on the books for decades,...

How to Comply with Fair Housing Law While Dealing with COVID-19

May 14, 2020    
In this month’s lesson, we’ll look at how to avoid fair housing trouble while dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. For months now, the nation has been confronting the public health emergency caused by the new coronavirus. By April, all 50 states had reported cases of COVID-19 to the U.S...

10 Dos & Don'ts for Dealing with Families with Children

April 10, 2020    
Complaints can arise from the way you advertise, show units, apply occupancy standards, and enforce community rules.   In this month’s lesson, the Coach looks at fair housing problems that can arise when dealing with families with children. Fair housing law bans discrimination against...

How to Comply with HUD's New Guidance on Assistance Animals

March 6, 2020    
We'll explain HUD's five-part guide for assessing accommodation requests for assistance animals.  

Proceed with Caution When Responding to a Hoarding Problem

February 10, 2020    
In this lesson, Fair Housing Coach tackles a challenging problem: resident hoarding. In multifamily housing communities, extreme cases of hoarding can pose serious health and safety hazards—not only to anyone living in the affected unit, but also to neighbors who may share walls, ceilings,...

10 Essential Rules for Avoiding Fair Housing Trouble

January 9, 2020    
This month, the Coach highlights 10 essential rules to help you to comply with fair housing law. Housing discrimination has been outlawed for more than 50 years, but all too often communities still find themselves on the wrong side of the law and are forced to pay out thousands—and in some...

2020 Trend Watch: Recent Developments in Fair Housing Law

December 23, 2019    
To kick off the New Year, Fair Housing Coach reviews recent developments—court rulings, settlements, and enforcement actions—in fair housing law. Staying on top of current developments may help you to avoid common problems that so often lead to fair housing trouble. WHAT DOES THE LAW...

Year in Review: Highlights from the 2019 Lessons

December 5, 2019    
In this Special Issue, the Coach wraps up 2019 with a review of this year’s lessons. Keep it handy—it’s a quick refresher on top fair housing concerns we covered this year. It’s also a helpful index to the full lessons, all of which are available to our subscribers for...

How to Avoid Religious Discrimination Claims During the Holidays

November 18, 2019    
In this lesson, Fair Housing Coach focuses on avoiding discrimination claims based on religion during the holidays—and all throughout the year. You don’t have to be a “Grinch” to comply with fair housing law. The key is to celebrate the general festivity of the season...