Get Ready for Fair Housing Month

March 15, 2017    

April is Fair Housing Month, the time of the year when the nation marks the passage of the Fair Housing Act, the landmark law passed shortly after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in 1968. To mark the occasion, Fair Housing Coach gets back to basics with an overview of...

COACH's Pop Quiz!

February 22, 2017    

Q: Your community must consider a request for an assistance animal even if the resident doesn’t appear to be disabled. True or false?


A: True. If the resident...

COACH's Pop Quiz!

January 18, 2017    

Q: Do you have to allow residents to run a day care in rental property?


A: Depending on state law, the answer may be yes, according to a recent ruling by a court in...

Remember Fair Housing Rights During Holiday Season

December 15, 2016    

As your residents prepare for a diverse array of holiday celebrations in and around their homes, it’s important to remember fair housing laws that provide protections against religious discrimination. That’s the advice of the Illinois Department of Human Rights, which recently...

COACH's Pop Quiz!

December 15, 2016    

Q: Although your community has a policy of providing unassigned parking, an applicant says he wants an assigned parking space near to the building entrance because of a disability. He doesn’t use a cane or appear to have any difficulty...

COACH's Pop Quiz!

November 16, 2016    

Q: You could be accused of a fair housing violation if you wish residents a “Merry Christmas.” True or false?


COACH's Pop Quiz!

October 20, 2016    

Q: When setting occupancy standards, communities may factor in any limitations of building systems—such as the load on water, septic, sewer, and electrical systems—along with other factors pertinent to the size and configuration...

COACH's Pop Quiz!

September 22, 2016    

Q: Your office staff is shorthanded, so you hire a new employee to answer the phones. Since she has prior experience working in a leasing office, you should let her get to work immediately. True or false?


COACH's Pop Quiz!

August 17, 2016    

Q: Our community has conducted criminal background checks for years, but we’ve been hearing about new HUD rules restricting our ability to screen residents based on their criminal history. What do the rules say—and how quickly...

COACH's Pop Quiz!

June 22, 2016    

Q: Three months after a new resident moves in, your community learns that she has a cat in violation of your no-pet policy. A manager tells her that she must remove the cat or face eviction, but the resident asks to keep it, explaining that...

Understanding HUD’s New Guidance on Criminal Background Checks

May 19, 2016    

In April 2016, HUD released new guidance on how federal fair housing law applies to the use of criminal records in both conventional and assisted housing communities. The new guidelines spell out how HUD will evaluate fair housing complaints in cases where a community refuses to rent or renew a...

COACH's Pop Quiz!

April 20, 2016    

Q: Which of following characteristics are protected under federal fair housing law?

a.         Race.

b.         National Origin.

c. ...

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