October 2021 Coach's Quiz

September 16, 2021    

Now that we’ve explained the eight rules to follow to avoid liability for engaging in retaliation under the FHA, let’s see how well you learned the material. Take the Coach’s Quiz below to see if you can apply the rules to real-life situations. Each question has one...

Fair Housing Retaliation Liability Risks & How to Avoid Them

September 16, 2021    

“Retaliation” is a fancy word for revenge. It’s a nasty action that you take to get back at somebody for doing something bad to you. In the context of fair housing, retaliation means an unfavorable action a landlord takes like rejecting a rental applicant or evicting a tenant...

June 2021 Coach's Quiz

May 17, 2021    

We’ve explained why it’s so important to investigate sexual harassment complaints involving tenants. We’ve also pointed out the 10 pitfalls that can cause an investigation to go awry and how to navigate around them. Now it’s your turn to see how well you’ve learned...

10 Pitfalls to Avoid When Responding to a Sexual Harassment Complaint

May 17, 2021    

We all know that it’s illegal for landlords to demand sexual favors or otherwise sexually harass their tenants. But it still happens all the time. And given the inherent imbalance in economic power between landlords and tenants, it’s a problem that’s unlikely to go away any...

May 2021 Coach's Quiz

April 19, 2021    

We’ve explained the risks your community faces for being held liable under fair housing laws if one of your tenants harasses another based on race, sex, religion, and other grounds protected against discrimination. We’ve also outlined the seven things you should include in an anti-...

How to Limit Liability for Tenant-on-Tenant Harassment

April 19, 2021    

While the current law is unsettled, for landlords there’s much more at stake than what the law requires.


June 2019 Coach's Quiz

May 6, 2019    

In this lesson, we’ve reviewed recent developments in three hot-button fair housing issues that may affect your community. Now let’s look at how the rules might apply in the real world. Take the Coach’s Quiz to see what you have learned.


Hot Topics in Fair Housing Law

May 6, 2019    

This month, the Coach takes a close look at three hot button fair housing issues that have been generating a lot of activity in the courts and federal enforcement agencies.

May 2019 Coach's Quiz

April 5, 2019    

We’ve given you 10 rules on how to resolve fair housing complaints. Now let’s look at how the rules might apply in the real world. Take the Coach’s Quiz to see what you’ve learned.

INSTRUCTIONS: Each of the following questions has only one...

10 Key Steps for Resolving Fair Housing Complaints

April 5, 2019    

In this month’s lesson, the Coach discusses what to do if your community is ever accused of a fair housing violation. The stakes have never been higher as federal, state, and local fair housing agencies, along with private fair housing organizations, continue to vigorously enforce...

September 2015 Coach's Quiz

August 10, 2015    

We have reviewed recent court cases to show how communities have fared in defending themselves from fair housing claims filed by their residents. Now you can take the Coach’s Quiz to see what you have learned.

INSTRUCTIONS: Each of the following questions...

Legal Update: Recent Court Rulings on Fair Housing Law

August 10, 2015    

There’s often a lot of attention on avoiding fair housing trouble during the leasing process, but those concerns don’t end once the lease is signed. Fair housing law protects not only prospects and applicants who are denied housing, but also current and former residents who claim...