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May 2021 Coach's Quiz

April 19, 2021    

We’ve explained the risks your community faces for being held liable under fair housing laws if one of your tenants harasses another based on race, sex, religion, and other grounds protected against discrimination. We’ve also outlined the seven things you should include in an anti-...

How to Limit Liability for Tenant-on-Tenant Harassment

April 19, 2021    

While the current law is unsettled, for landlords there’s much more at stake than what the law requires.


March 2021 Coach's Quiz

February 16, 2021    

We’ve explained the seven rules to follow to avoid—and help your leasing agents avoid—engaging in discriminatory steering. Let’s see how well you’ve learned the lesson. Take the Coach’s Quiz below to see if you can apply the rules to real-life...

How to Steer Clear of Illegal Steering

February 16, 2021    

Contrary to popular belief, housing segregation remains alive and well not just in specific regions of the U.S. but across America. So concluded HUD upon completing its most recent review of the state of fair housing in the U.S. “Real estate agents and rental housing providers recommend...

February 2021 Coach's Quiz

January 20, 2021    

Now that we’ve explained the eight rules for avoiding discrimination when factoring a person’s criminal record into rental decisions, let’s see how well you learned the material. Take the Coach’s Quiz below to see if you can apply the rules to real-life...

How to Perform Criminal Records Checks Without Committing Discrimination

January 20, 2021    

The last thing you or your residents would ever want is to have murderers, rapists, drug dealers, arsonists, and other dangerous criminals in your community. And because “criminals” aren’t among the people that fair housing laws protect, it’s okay to refuse to rent to...

January 2021 Coach's Quiz

December 15, 2020    

We’ve given you six rules for avoiding discrimination pitfalls when evicting residents protected by fair housing laws. Now it’s your turn to test what you’ve learned by applying the rules to real life situations by taking the COACH’s Quiz below. Each of the...

How to Avoid Fair Housing Trouble When Evicting Residents

December 15, 2020    

The expiration of eviction moratoria could bring a surge in eviction filings—and related fair housing claims.



Year in Review: Highlights from the 2020 Lessons

November 10, 2020    

This month, Fair Housing Coach wraps up 2020 with a review of this year’s lessons. Keep it handy—it’s a quick refresher on top fair housing concerns we covered this year. It’s also a helpful index to the full lessons, all of which are available to our subscribers...

October 2020 Coach's Quiz

September 10, 2020    

In this lesson, we’ve reviewed recent developments, including new state laws banning discrimination based on source of income. Now let’s look at how the rules might apply in the real world. Take the Coach’s Quiz to see what you’ve learned.


Legal Update: Recent Developments in Fair Housing Law

September 10, 2020    

Amid the coronavirus crisis and the gridlock in Washington, it’s hard to predict where we’re headed in this election year. Given the uncertainty about what’s going to happen on the national level, it seems like a good time to look at some recent major developments in fair...

June 2020 Coach's Quiz

May 14, 2020    


We’ve given you six rules on how to avoid fair housing claims while dealing with COVID-19. Now let’s look at how the rules might apply in the real world. Take the COACH’s Quiz to see what you’ve learned.

INSTRUCTIONS: Each of the following questions...