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Crime & Security: Excluding Dangerous Persons Without Violating Fair Housing Laws

August 22, 2023    

Can you tell which of our 13 security policies are legal and which are discriminatory?


The 10 Most Common Fair Housing Liability Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

March 20, 2023    

We present scenarios based on actual cases. Your job: Spot the fair housing mistake.


2022 Scorecard: Using Fair Housing Court Cases to Improve Your Compliance Efforts

December 19, 2022    

Cases from the past year offer six important lessons.


December 2022 Coach's Quiz

November 19, 2022    

Okay, now it’s your turn. We’ve explained the nine fair housing pitfalls you and your leasing and management agents must be aware of when dealing with tenant transfer requests and how to avoid them. Now you can reinforce and evaluate how well you’ve learned the lesson. Take the...

Avoid 9 Discrimination Pitfalls When Tenants Seek Unit Transfers

November 19, 2022    

While it may seem like routine business, responding to transfer requests may have significant fair housing implications.


Let’s play a quick game of fair housing word association in the multifamily leasing context:

Housing discrimination.


Do Your Rental Fees, Deposits, and Charges Violate Fair Housing Laws?

October 21, 2022    

While many fees are perfectly legitimate, some fees add up to illegal discrimination.


The 10 Biggest Fair Housing Cases of 2022—So Far

August 18, 2022    

We’ll tell you what happened in each case—and how it may impact your property.


Most of you are pretty familiar with what the fair housing laws require. But it’s in the court rooms and administrative tribunals where the broad rules and principles of fair...

August 2022 Coach's Quiz

July 18, 2022    

We’ve explained the new HUD Guidance and outlined the strategies for putting them into action. Now it’s your turn to test how well you’ve learned the material and whether you can apply it to real-life situations by taking the Coach’s Quiz below. Each of the following...

Use New HUD Guidance to Keep Your Marketing, Application & Screening Compliant

July 18, 2022    

We’ll give you six strategies you can implement to put the guidance principles into action.


May 2022 Coach's Quiz

April 19, 2022    


A tenant who hasn’t paid rent in three months files a fair housing complaint against you. What should you do?

a.            Evict her immediately for suing you


7 Pitfalls to Avoid When Responding to Fair Housing Complaints

April 19, 2022    

On average, 25,000 to 30,000 fair housing complaints are filed against landlords in the U.S. each year. Fueling this massive wave of litigation isn’t just the national determination to crack down on discrimination but the glut of potential plaintiffs, including not just the individual...

March 2022 Coach's Quiz

February 16, 2022    

We’ve explained how you can be liable for harassment and other fair housing violations that your contractors commit. We’ve also outlined six things you can do to minimize these liability risks. Now it’s your turn to see if you can apply the principles to real-life situations...