Management Issues

June 2024 Coach's Quiz

May 23, 2024    


A landlord committed to fair housing compliance instructs its ad platform provider to ensure that its digital advertising reaches the broadest possible audience. The ad platform uses audience selection tools based on machine learning functions that target ads...

HUD to Landlords: Make Sure Your Digital Ads Don’t Discriminate

May 23, 2024    

Follow our five best practices when using AI-based digital ad platforms.



Savvy use of digital media for marketing purposes can be a game changer for landlords. But it can also get them into fair housing trouble. The same artificial intelligence (AI) and...

May 2024 Coach's Quiz

April 19, 2024    


Your community’s fitness center offers pilates classes for tenants. After reading studies showing that pilates classes are dangerous for kids, you implement a new rule banning children under age 18 from participating in the classes. Is this a legitimate...

FHA Trends: How New “Protected Classes” Impact Your Liability Risks

March 15, 2024    

We explain practical measures you can take in light of five emerging trends.



March 2024 Coach's Quiz

February 23, 2024    


In response to a neighbor’s complaints about odors coming from a tenant’s apartment, you reenter the unit and discover stacks of moldy newspapers, open food containers, unwashed clothing, and other debris strewn about, including in places where...

Take 9 Steps When Dealing with Tenant Hoarders

February 23, 2024    

Here’s how to avoid disability discrimination when seeking to evict tenants for hoarding.



February 2024 Coach's Quiz

January 23, 2024    


One of your on-site maintenance employees believes that anybody who works in IT must be a nerd. So, he subjects a tenant who works in the IT department of a local corporation to a constant stream of “anti-nerd” abuse and harassment. All of the...

Beyond Fair Housing Compliance: From Nondiscrimination to Diversity & Inclusion

January 23, 2024    

Firms that train staff to embrace diversity are more likely to be in tune with the principles of fair housing law.



“[XYZ Company] recognizes the principles of fair housing and diversity as core values.”

How many times have you seen...

2023 Scorecard: Using Fair Housing Court Cases to Improve Your Compliance Efforts

December 18, 2023    

Cases from the past year offer six important lessons.



December 2023 Coach's Quiz

November 16, 2023    


Which of the following is legitimate justification for refusing to rent to a Palestinian national who speaks heavily accented English?

a.         You can’t understand what she’s saying

b. ...

Preventing Discrimination Against Jews, Muslims & Arabs

November 16, 2023    

As war grips the Middle East, take steps to keep the peace at your property.


November 2023 Coach's Quiz

October 19, 2023    


Neighbors complain that a tenant’s dog has a nasty habit of barking all night and attacking young children. Several claim to have been bitten. You ask the tenant to get rid of the dog, reminding her that you have a no-pets policy. The tenant then reminds...