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HUD Signals Renewed Focus on Fair Housing Enforcement

April 20, 2022    

April is Fair Housing Month, and HUD declared this year’s theme to be Fair Housing: More Than Just Words. The theme underscores the Biden administration’s commitment to advancing equity in housing and securing equal access to housing opportunities for all.

In other words: Fair...

HUD to Enforce LGBT Discrimination as Violation of Fair Housing Act

April 7, 2021    

Soon after the Biden administration took office, it took dramatic new regulatory action to end LGBT discrimination in not just housing but all aspects of public life. Although the change has been implemented...

HUD Kicks Off Fair Housing Month

April 7, 2021    

April is Fair Housing Month, and HUD’s theme this year is Fair Housing: More Than Just Words. HUD’s aim is to reflect the Biden administration’s commitment to advancing equity in housing and the importance of increasing public awareness of everyone’s right to...

President Biden Issues Fair Housing, Disparate Impact Memos

January 29, 2021    

On Jan. 26, President Biden signed several new executive orders addressing racial equity, including a memorandum that directs HUD to mitigate racial bias in housing and advance fair housing laws. Biden said in a press conference, “We need to make equity and justice part of what we do every...

HUD Marks Fair Housing Month with Campaign Against Sexual Harassment

April 21, 2020    

Each April, HUD observes Fair Housing Month. This year, HUD’s theme is: “Call HUD: Because Sexual Harassment in Housing is Illegal.” This year's theme focuses on protecting individuals from harassment by property owners, managers, maintenance workers, or other residents,...

HUD Awards $40 Million to Fight Housing Discrimination

April 21, 2020    

HUD recently awarded $40 million to fair housing organizations across the nation working to confront violations of the nation's landmark Fair Housing Act and help end housing discrimination.

The grants are being awarded through the department's Fair Housing Initiatives Program (...

HUD Issues New Guidance on Assistance Animals

February 19, 2020    

HUD recently announced new guidance to clarify how housing providers can comply with the Fair Housing Act when assessing a person’s request to have an animal in housing to provide assistance because of a disability.

HUD Proposes Fair Housing Rule Changes

January 22, 2020    

HUD recently published an 84-page proposed Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule regarding how state and municipal governments address affordable housing opportunities. The rule pertains to the 1968 Fair Housing Act’s requirement that HUD grantees “affirmatively further...

HUD Proposes Changes to FHA Design & Construction Requirements

January 22, 2020    

In January 2020, HUD announced a proposed rule that would recognize additional sets of standards and model building code editions that, when followed in the design and construction of new multifamily housing, will ensure compliance with the accessibility requirements of the Fair Housing Act.

HUD to FTC: Investigate Websites Selling Assistance Animal Documentation

November 18, 2019    

HUD Secretary Ben Carson recently called for an investigation into certain websites selling assistance animal documentation. In a letter to Chairman of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Joseph J. Simmons and Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection Andrew Smith, Carson asked the FTC...

HUD Proposes Revised 'Disparate Impact' Rule

August 21, 2019    

Last week, HUD published a proposed rule to amend the HUD interpretation of the Fair Housing Act’s disparate impact standard. HUD says the proposed rule as amended would provide more appropriate guidance on what constitutes unlawful disparate impact and would better reflect the Supreme...

HUD and John Marshall Law School Launch National Fair Housing Training Academy

July 24, 2019    

HUD recently announced that it’s partnering with the John Marshall Law School in Chicago and Cloudburst Consulting Group, Inc., to develop the National Fair Housing Training Academy (NFHTA). The Academy will prepare fair housing advocates, lawyers, investigators, and other stakeholders on...