Familial Status/Age

June 2023 Coach's Quiz

May 17, 2023    

We’ve explained how managing lead paint hazards can lead to liability for family status discrimination and the seven rules to follow to manage those risks. Now it’s your turn to apply these principles to real-life situations that may actually arise if your own community contains lead...

How to Avoid Family Status Discrimination When Managing Lead Paint Hazards

May 17, 2023    

If you’re among the many landlords with lead paint problems, you face some difficult choices.


October 2022 Coach's Quiz

September 21, 2022    

We’ve explained how seemingly neutral rules designed to prevent overcrowding and unsafe and unsanitary conditions can get you into fair housing law hot water. We’ve also described the major liability risks and what you should do to avoid them when developing and enforcing occupancy...

Make Sure Your Occupancy Standards Don't Discriminate Against Families with Children

September 21, 2022    

We’ll give you six rules for avoiding liability risks when setting and enforcing occupancy standards.


April 2022 Coach's Quiz

March 15, 2022    


You want to prevent kids from drowning by requiring them to be responsibly supervised when using the pool. Local ordinances stipulate that all children under 14 must be supervised to use a public pool. Which is the least restrictive way to...

How to Avoid Setting Discriminatory Swimming Pool Rules

March 15, 2022    

Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children in the U.S, behind only motor vehicle crashes. The vast majority of fatal drownings involving kids ages 1 to 4 happen in swimming pools. In many of these incidents, the victim is a child who couldn’t swim who somehow gained...

May 2020 Coach's Quiz

April 10, 2020    

We’ve given you 10 rules on how to avoid fair housing claims based on familial status. Now let’s look at how the rules might apply in the real world. Take the Coach’s Quiz to see what you’ve learned.

INSTRUCTIONS: Each of the following questions has only...

10 Dos & Don'ts for Dealing with Families with Children

April 10, 2020    

Complaints can arise from the way you advertise, show units, apply occupancy standards, and enforce community rules.


In this month’s lesson, the Coach looks at fair housing problems that can arise when dealing with families with children. Fair housing law...

March 2019 Coach's Quiz

February 12, 2019    

We’ve given you seven rules on how to avoid fair housing trouble at senior housing communities. Now let’s look at how the rules might apply in the real world. Take the Coach’s Quiz to see what you have learned.

INSTRUCTIONS: Each of the...

How to Comply with Fair Housing Law in Senior Communities

February 12, 2019    

In this month’s lesson, the Coach reviews fair housing rules governing senior housing communities. Fair housing law generally prohibits discrimination based on familial status, but there’s a limited exception that applies to senior housing communities that...

November 2018 Coach's Quiz

October 23, 2018    


A community may not be found liable for housing discrimination for applying occupancy standards limiting all units to two people per bedroom. True or false?

a.            True.


Evaluate Your Occupancy Standards to Prevent Discrimination Claims

October 23, 2018     By Andrea Brescia

In this month’s lesson, Fair Housing Coach will take a careful look at occupancy standards, a topic that remains a source of concern for housing communities, and in recent years, has triggered a series of fair housing complaints. Occupancy standards remain a hot topic because, if...