Cases and Settlements

California Landlords Settle Claims of Discrimination Against LEP Renters

January 3, 2022    

The management agents and owners of four HUD-subsidized apartment complexes in Southern California recently reached a Conciliation/Voluntary Compliance Agreement with HUD, resolving allegations that the property managers refused to rent to or provide adequate language services for applicants...

Landlords' Broad COVID Visitor Policy Violates FHA

October 25, 2021    

HUD recently signed a Conciliation Agreement/Voluntary Compliance Agreement with owners of a HUD-subsidized community in Fairhope, Ala. The agreement resolves allegations and a HUD investigation into whether the owners’ policy prohibiting visitors under the age of 12 due to COVID-19 was...

Arizona Owner Fails to Fulfill Reasonable Accommodation Involving Notices

October 4, 2021    

HUD recently announced that it has approved a Conciliation/Voluntary Compliance Agreement between the Housing Authority of Maricopa County, in Mesa, Ariz., and one of its residents who has a mental health disability. Under the agreement, the housing authority will pay $10,000 to the tenant and...

California City Settles Claims of Housing Discrimination Against Farmworkers

August 3, 2021    

The City of Santa Maria, Calif., recently entered into a settlement agreement with HUD resolving allegations that the city’s enactment and enforcement of restrictions on housing for certain farmworker...

Lead Paint No Excuse for Denying Families Housing

July 13, 2021    

HUD recently approved a settlement agreement between an owner of rental properties in Massachusetts and a prospective tenant, resolving allegations that the owner refused to rent available units to the woman after...

Does Resident Need to Keep Eight Dogs as a Reasonable Accommodation?

January 4, 2021    

A New York City co-op board sued a shareholder resident for violating her proprietary lease by keeping eight dogs and two cats in her apartment. This created noise and odors that other residents complained about. The co-op board didn't seek eviction but sought removal of five of the eight...

NY Landlord Barred Tenant’s Use of Motorized Scooter

January 4, 2021    

A tenant sued her landlord for disability discrimination in violation of the federal Fair Housing Act. The tenant lived in a ground-floor unit in an apartment complex. Due to multiple disabilities, the tenant used a motorized scooter to get from her apartment's patio door across a lawn to...

U.S. District Court Halts HUD’s Revisions to Disparate Impact Rule

November 13, 2020    

A federal judge recently issued a preliminary injunction to stop HUD from implementing a rule that would have made it harder to bring discrimination claims under the Fair Housing Act. The rule would have required plaintiffs to meet a higher threshold to prove unintentional discrimination, known...

DOJ Testers Accuse NY Rental Agent of Race Discrimination

October 22, 2020    

The Justice Department recently announced that it has filed a lawsuit against a Staten Island, N.Y., realty company and its former rental agent, alleging discrimination against African Americans in violation of federal fair housing law when offering housing units for rent. The lawsuit is based...

Sexual Harassment Claim Costs Virginia Rental Manager, Owners $335K to Settle

October 22, 2020    

The Justice Department recently announced that a manager of rental properties in and around Harrisonburg, Va., together with owners of the properties, will pay $335,000 to resolve allegations that the manager sexually harassed multiple female residents and discriminated in housing on the basis...

HUD to CA Landlord: 2 BRs Okay for Couple with 3 Kids

October 22, 2020    

HUD recently announced that it has approved a settlement between the owner and managers of rental properties in California and a couple who alleged that the housing providers refused to rent a two-bedroom unit to them because they have three children. Under the settlement, the housing providers...

Seven D.C. RE Firms and Professionals Accused of Housing Discrimination

September 21, 2020    

District of Columbia Attorney General Karl A. Racine recently announced that his office has filed three lawsuits alleging housing discrimination by seven real estate companies and professionals operating in the district.