Cases and Settlements

Landlord Pays $250K to Settle Claim She Threatened to Report Tenants to ICE

May 18, 2020    

A California landlord recently agreed to pay a $250,000 settlement to resolve allegations of discrimination based on national origin and perceived immigration status, according to an announcement by the state Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH).

Atlanta-Based Landlords Accused of Discriminating Against Blacks

May 18, 2020    

The Justice Department recently announced that it has filed a lawsuit against the owners and managers of multifamily housing communities in Georgia, alleging that they violated federal fair housing law by intentionally discriminating on the basis of race against African-American applicants for...

Kentucky Landlords Accused of Sexual Harassment

May 1, 2020    

The Justice Department recently announced that it has filed a lawsuit alleging that a husband and wife, as co-owners and managers of rental properties in Kentucky, violated fair housing law by subjecting female residents to sexual harassment and retaliation.

Estate of California Landlord to Pay $155K to Settle Sexual Harassment Case

March 17, 2020    

A settlement has been reached in a fair housing case involving a young mother who claimed that her landlord subjected her to requests for sex and other inappropriate conduct over several years, reports The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH).

Philly HOA Accused of Discrimination Based on Its Animal Policy

March 17, 2020    

The Justice Department is suing a Philadelphia condo association for allegedly violating fair housing law by discriminating against persons with disabilities who need assistance animals, including emotional support and service animals.

Developer and Franchisor of 32 Ohio Properties Settle Disability Discrimination Suit

March 17, 2020    

An Ohio developer and a franchisor of multifamily properties have agreed to settle a federal lawsuit alleging that they violated the federal Fair Housing Act (FHA) by designing and constructing 32 condominium communities in Ohio with steps and other features that made them inaccessible to...

HOA to Pay $50K to Settle Dispute over Emotional Support Animal

February 19, 2020    

A Colorado homeowners association recently agreed to pay $50,000 to resolve allegations of disability discrimination involving a resident’s request for an assistance animal, according to the Justice Department.

Kansas Property Owners, Manager Settle Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

January 22, 2020    

The Justice Department recently announced that the owners and the manager of rental properties in Kansas will pay $160,000 in damages and penalties to resolve a Fair Housing Act lawsuit for sexual harassment.

The lawsuit was filed against the owners, a married couple, alleging that the...

California Landlords Accused of Denying Request to Install Grab Bars

January 22, 2020    

The owners and operators of an assisted senior housing community in California recently agreed to settle a HUD complaint alleging that they violated the Fair Housing Act and other laws when they refused to install grab bars in the showers of elderly tenants with disabilities and subsequently...

DOJ: Local Crime-Free Rental Ordinance Discriminates Against Black and Latino Renters

December 18, 2019    

In December 2019, the Justice Department announced it has filed a lawsuit alleging that the City of Hesperia, Calif., and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department discriminated against African-American and Latino renters in violation of the Fair Housing Act.

Does Massachusetts’ Lead Paint Law Discriminate Against Families with Children?

December 18, 2019    

The Massachusetts Fair Housing Center (MFHC) and two families with children recently filed a complaint to stop state officials from enforcing what they say are the discriminatory provisions of the Massachusetts Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention and Control Act (Lead Law) and to replace them...

LA Landlords Settle Disability Discrimination Claims Involving Assistance Animals

December 18, 2019    

HUD recently announced that it has approved a settlement with housing providers in the greater Los Angeles area, resolving allegations that they refused to allow residents with disabilities to keep assistance animals.