Cases and Settlements

Owners and Manager of Kansas Rental Properties Sued for Sexual Harassment

February 21, 2018    

The Justice Department has sued the owners and manager of residential rental properties in Kansas for sexual harassment and retaliation against two female residents, according to a recent announcement by the Justice Department. The complaint alleges a pattern or practice of discrimination based...

California Housing Authorities Settle Disability Discrimination Claims

February 21, 2018    

HUD recently announced that a settlement with two housing authorities in California to resolve allegations that they discriminated against a resident with disabilities by allegedly refusing to give her more time to find suitable housing that would accept her Section 8 housing voucher.

California Housing Authority Settles Disability Discrimination Complaint

January 25, 2018    

A California housing authority recently reached an agreement to settle a HUD complaint alleging discrimination against a resident with disabilities. Federal fair housing law prohibits housing discrimination because of a disability, including refusing to make reasonable accommodations in policies...

Pa. Communities Accused of Posting Discriminatory Ads

November 16, 2017    

HUD recently charged the owners and operators of two apartment buildings in Altoona, Pa., with violating fair housing law by posting online classified ads that discriminate against families with children.

The case came to HUD’s attention when a fair housing advocacy group filed a...

Tenn. Community Accused of Refusing Parking-Related Accommodation Requests

November 16, 2017    

The Justice Department recently sued the owners and operators of a 134-unit Tennessee community for alleged disability discrimination and retaliation in violation of fair housing law.

Mass. Landlord Liable for Refusing to Rent Unit with Lead Paint

November 16, 2017    

A Massachusetts jury recently found the owner of a four-unit rental property liable for violating fair housing law when he refused to rent an apartment to a family because they had children under 6 years old and the units had no lead certificate.

Mississippi Real Estate Groups Settle Race Discrimination Complaint

October 19, 2017    

The National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) recently settled a fair housing complaint against real estate agents and their companies in Jackson, Miss., accusing them of racial discrimination against potential homebuyers.

Minnesota Landlord Charged with Discriminating Against Veteran with Assistance Dog

October 19, 2017    

HUD recently charged the owner and manager of a Minnesota apartment complex with discrimination for refusing to allow an Army veteran, who served tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, to keep an emotional support animal.

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