Disability FAQs: Answering Your Questions About Reasonable Accommodations & Modifications

January 14, 2019    
In this month’s lesson, the Coach focuses on requests by individuals with disabilities for reasonable accommodations and modifications.

How to Avoid Fair Housing Trouble When Dealing with Individuals with Mobility Impairments

December 25, 2018    
In this lesson, we’re going to review fair housing rules on dealing with individuals with mobility impairments. Federal fair housing law bans discrimination against people on the basis of disability, including a wide range of mobility impairments. People with mobility impairments who use...

Year in Review: Highlights from the 2018 Lessons

December 4, 2018    
In this Special Issue, the Coach wraps up 2018 with a review of this year’s lessons and related webinars. Keep it handy—it’s a quick refresher on top fair housing concerns we covered this year. It’s also a helpful index to the full lessons and the webinars, all of which are...

From the Courts: Recent Developments in Fair Housing Law

November 12, 2018    
In this month’s lesson, the Coach reviews recent court rulings on fair housing law. In each case, we’ll review the events leading up to the dispute and how it landed in court. And we’ll explain the legal issues involved and how the court decided who should win, so that you’...

Evaluate Your Occupancy Standards to Prevent Discrimination Claims

October 23, 2018     By Andrea Brescia
In this month’s lesson, Fair Housing Coach will take a careful look at occupancy standards, a topic that remains a source of concern for housing communities, and in recent years, has triggered a series of fair housing complaints. Occupancy standards remain a hot topic because, if not properly...

How to Comply with Laws Banning Discrimination Based on Source of Income

September 24, 2018     By Carolyn Zezima
In this month’s lesson, Fair Housing Coach explains how to comply with fair housing laws banning discrimination based on source of income. The federal Fair Housing Act (FHA) doesn’t prohibit discrimination based on source of income, but an increasing number of states and municipalities...

How to Avoid Discrimination Claims When Advertising Online

August 15, 2018    
In this lesson, we’re going to review the fair housing rules as they apply to advertising your community, most of which is probably done online now. Although communities still run print ads in newspapers and apartment guides and on billboards, a large part of their marketing effort is devoted...

Fair Housing for the Ages: Renting to Millennials, Boomers, and Everyone in Between

July 26, 2018    
In this month’s lesson, the Coach reviews how fair housing law may affect the way you attract and rent to people of different generations. Although federal fair housing law does not ban age discrimination, we’ll look at the ways that fair housing law protects people of particular...

Reasonable vs. Unreasonable Accommodation Requests: How to Tell the Difference

July 10, 2018    
In this Special Issue of Fair Housing Coach, we’re presenting highlights from the Coach’s June 2018 webinar on handling reasonable accommodation requests.

Legal Update: Recent Developments in Fair Housing Law

June 8, 2018    
This month, Fair Housing Coach reviews recent developments—court rulings, settlements, and enforcement agency actions—in fair housing law. Staying on top of developments may help you to avoid common problems that so often lead to fair housing trouble and resolve minor grievances before...