Sex/Sexual Orientation

November 2021 Coach's Quiz

October 22, 2021    

Now it’s your turn to apply the rules for avoiding liability under the FHA and other laws protecting victims of domestic violence and evaluate how well you’ve learned the material. Take the Coach’s Quiz below. Each question has one and only one correct answer. ...

Dealing with Domestic Violence: How to Avoid Fair Housing and Other Legal Traps

October 22, 2021    

Look at your watch and count off 60 seconds. If the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) averages hold true, by the time you’re done, 20 people in the U.S. will have suffered physical abuse at the hands of an intimate partner. What people do to each other in their own homes is directly...

June 2021 Coach's Quiz

May 17, 2021    

We’ve explained why it’s so important to investigate sexual harassment complaints involving tenants. We’ve also pointed out the 10 pitfalls that can cause an investigation to go awry and how to navigate around them. Now it’s your turn to see how well you’ve learned...

10 Pitfalls to Avoid When Responding to a Sexual Harassment Complaint

May 17, 2021    

We all know that it’s illegal for landlords to demand sexual favors or otherwise sexually harass their tenants. But it still happens all the time. And given the inherent imbalance in economic power between landlords and tenants, it’s a problem that’s unlikely to go away any...

April 2021 Coach's Quiz

March 16, 2021    

Okay, now it’s your turn. We’ve explained the eight rules to follow to manage the risk of liability for LGBT-based discrimination. Let’s see how well you’ve learned the lesson. Take the Coach’s Quiz below to see if you can apply the rules to real-life...

Avoiding Discrimination on the Basis of Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity

March 16, 2021    

HUD is stepping up enforcement of the laws banning LGBT discrimination.


July 2017 Coach's Quiz

June 12, 2017    

We’ve given you five rules on how to avoid sex discrimination claims. Now let’s look at how the rules might apply in the real world. Take the Coach’s Quiz to see what you have learned.

INSTRUCTIONS: Each of the following...

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (Discrimination) … But Were Afraid to Ask

June 12, 2017    

In this month’s lesson, the Coach reviews fair housing rules banning discrimination based on sex. While the basic rules prevent you from giving preferential treatment to either men or women because of their gender, the law has evolved to outlaw a broad range of discriminatory...

August 2014 Coach's Quiz

July 10, 2014    

We’ve suggested five rules to reduce the risk of a sexual harassment claim at your community. Now let’s look at how the rules might apply in the real world. Take the COACH’s Quiz to see what you’ve learned.

INSTRUCTIONS: Each of the following questions has only one...

How to Reduce the Risk of a Sexual Harassment Claim at Your Community

July 10, 2014    

This month’s lesson focuses on a tough problem: sexual harassment. You might be familiar with rules banning sexual harassment of employees in the workplace, but there are similar rules banning sexual harassment of prospects, applicants, and residents of multifamily housing communities.

February 2014 Coach's Quiz

January 14, 2014    

We’ve suggested four rules on how to comply with legal requirements when dealing with domestic violence. Now let’s look at how the rules might apply in the real world. Take the COACH’s Quiz to see what you’ve learned.

INSTRUCTIONS: Each of the following questions...

How to Ensure Legal Compliance When Dealing with Domestic Violence

January 14, 2014    

This month, Fair Housing Coach reviews issues related to domestic violence. It’s a prevalent public safety problem affecting millions of Americans each year—and a thorny legal issue for multifamily property owners and managers caught in the middle of their residents’...