May 2024 Coach's Quiz

April 19, 2024    


Your community’s fitness center offers pilates classes for tenants. After reading studies showing that pilates classes are dangerous for kids, you implement a new rule banning children under age 18 from participating in the classes. Is this a legitimate...

March 2024 Coach's Quiz

February 23, 2024    


In response to a neighbor’s complaints about odors coming from a tenant’s apartment, you reenter the unit and discover stacks of moldy newspapers, open food containers, unwashed clothing, and other debris strewn about, including in places where...

Take 9 Steps When Dealing with Tenant Hoarders

February 23, 2024    

Here’s how to avoid disability discrimination when seeking to evict tenants for hoarding.



November 2023 Coach's Quiz

October 19, 2023    


Neighbors complain that a tenant’s dog has a nasty habit of barking all night and attacking young children. Several claim to have been bitten. You ask the tenant to get rid of the dog, reminding her that you have a no-pets policy. The tenant then reminds...

How to Avoid Military & Veteran Status Discrimination

October 19, 2023    

We mark Veterans Day by reviewing fair housing laws protecting servicemembers and veterans.


Does Your Building Emergency Evacuation Plan Account for the Disabled?

June 22, 2023    

Don’t leave tenants with disabilities behind.


Is Your Website Putting You at Risk of a Disability Discrimination Lawsuit?

April 18, 2023    

Website accessibility is rapidly emerging as the next big thing in fair housing liability.


Like any other consumer-facing business, multifamily housing providers need a good website that online shoppers can use to scope out their product. But while most landlords...

March 2023 Coach's Quiz

February 21, 2023    

Now that we’ve outlined the six questions to ask when a tenant requests permission to keep an assistance animal to accommodate a disability-related need, let’s see how well you learned the material. Take the Coach’s Quiz below by applying the principles we’ve...

When to Grant Tenants’ Requests for Assistance Animals

February 21, 2023    

What Would You Do? Neighbors complain that a tenant is keeping Binky, a loud and menacing-looking pit bull, in her apartment in violation of your community’s no-pets policy. You ask the tenant to get rid of the dog or you may have to evict her. She becomes...

From Our Readers: Who Pays for Reasonable Accommodations Requiring Physical Modifications?

November 19, 2022    

Reader Comment: A colleague and I noticed an apparent inconsistency in the November 2022 issue (“Do Your Rental Fees, Deposits, and Charges Violate Fair...

December 2022 Coach's Quiz

November 19, 2022    

Okay, now it’s your turn. We’ve explained the nine fair housing pitfalls you and your leasing and management agents must be aware of when dealing with tenant transfer requests and how to avoid them. Now you can reinforce and evaluate how well you’ve learned the lesson. Take the...

Avoid 9 Discrimination Pitfalls When Tenants Seek Unit Transfers

November 19, 2022    

While it may seem like routine business, responding to transfer requests may have significant fair housing implications.


Let’s play a quick game of fair housing word association in the multifamily leasing context:

Housing discrimination.