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October 2020 Coach's Quiz

September 10, 2020    

In this lesson, we’ve reviewed recent developments, including new state laws banning discrimination based on source of income. Now let’s look at how the rules might apply in the real world. Take the Coach’s Quiz to see what you’ve learned.


Legal Update: Recent Developments in Fair Housing Law

September 10, 2020    

Amid the coronavirus crisis and the gridlock in Washington, it’s hard to predict where we’re headed in this election year. Given the uncertainty about what’s going to happen on the national level, it seems like a good time to look at some recent major developments in fair...

April 2016 Coach's Quiz

March 9, 2016    

We’ve reviewed the news about four recent fair housing settlements and lessons learned to help you avoid similar problems at your community. Now let’s look at how the rules might apply in the real world. Take the Coach’s Quiz to see what you have learned.

Behind the Headlines: Lessons Learned from the Latest Fair Housing News

March 9, 2016    

In this lesson, the Coach spotlights recent news of settlements reached in fair housing cases. The amounts reportedly paid are sometimes staggering—which is news in and of itself—and show just how much it can cost to resolve fair housing complaints. But the real news is in...

Year in Review: Highlights from the 2015 Lessons

November 20, 2015    

The Coach wraps up 2015 with a review of all the lessons covered this year. Keep it handy—it’s a quick refresher on top fair housing concerns and a helpful index to the full lessons, all of which are available to review online or download from FairHousingCoach.com....

Special Issue: Q&A on the High Court’s Ruling on Disparate Impact Liability

July 28, 2015    

In this Special Issue, Fair Housing Coach spotlights the new Supreme Court ruling on fair housing law and what it may mean for your community.

February 2015 Coach's Quiz

January 16, 2015    

In this lesson, we’ve discussed four fair housing trends for 2015—and what they may mean for your community. Now let’s look at how these issues might come up in the real world. Take the COACH’s Quiz to see what you have learned.


2015 Fair Housing Trends: What They Could Mean for Your Community

January 16, 2015    

This month, the Coach takes a look at recent trends—and what they may mean for your fair housing program. The big news is a U.S. Supreme Court case on whether federal fair housing law imposes liability for discrimination based on disparate impact—that is, when a housing...

December 2014 Coach's Quiz

November 13, 2014    

We’ve suggested 6 rules for avoiding fair housing problems while providing maintenance services. Now let’s look at how the rules might apply in the real world. Take the COACH’s Quiz to see what you’ve learned.

INSTRUCTIONS: Each of the following questions has only...

Maintaining Your Community Without Violating Fair Housing Law

November 13, 2014    

In this month’s lesson, we’re going to look at how to provide maintenance services to residents at your community without violating fair housing law.

It’s important to maintain the property and respond to residents’ requests for maintenance or repairs, but you...

Model Nondiscrimination Policy

July 31, 2014    

Here’s a Model Nondiscrimination Policy, which was adapted from one used in a recent Justice Department settlement. Check with an attorney in your area so you can include any additional state and local fair housing requirements.

The Big Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Fair Housing Law

March 12, 2013    

In honor of Fair Housing Month, this month’s issue takes a break from our usual lesson to test your knowledge of fair housing law.

Recent trends suggest an upswing in fair housing enforcement efforts. With funding awarded last year, advocacy groups across the country are in the...