Complying with Laws Protecting Veterans & Military Servicemembers

October 8, 2019    
In the November lesson, the Coach marks Veterans Day by reviewing the federal, state, and local laws protecting military servicemembers, veterans, and their families from discrimination. Federal fair housing law doesn’t ban discrimination based on military or veteran status, but many state...

What You Should Know About Fair Housing Testing

September 5, 2019    
In this month’s lesson, we’re going to discuss fair housing testing—a tool used by enforcement officials and private fair housing organizations to ferret out unlawful housing discrimination.

Fair Housing Boot Camp: Basic Training for New Hires

August 12, 2019    
This month, the Coach’s lesson offers fair housing basic training for anyone newly hired to work at your community. It’s simple to say that fair housing law bans housing discrimination, but there are pitfalls that sometimes lead even seasoned professionals into fair housing trouble....

Dog Days of Summer: How to Handle Requests for Assistance Animals

July 18, 2019    
This month, the Coach shepherds in the dog days of summer with a lesson on disability-related requests for assistance animals focusing on the most common type—dogs. The law generally allows communities to set their own pet policies, but housing providers must grant reasonable accommodation...

How Communities Fight—and Win—Disability Discrimination Claims in Court

June 24, 2019    
In this lesson, the Coach highlights several recent court decisions that show how communities can fight court battles to defend themselves against disability discrimination claims under fair housing law. More than half of all fair housing complaints are for disability discrimination, many involving...

Test Your Knowledge of Fair Housing Law

June 6, 2019    
In this month’s Special Issue, the Coach gives you a chance to test your knowledge of fair housing law. The rules banning housing discrimination may seem straightforward, but the devil is in the details. Fair housing rules can be complicated, so the first step is to test your knowledge of...

Hot Topics in Fair Housing Law

May 6, 2019    
This month, the Coach takes a close look at three hot button fair housing issues that have been generating a lot of activity in the courts and federal enforcement agencies.

10 Key Steps for Resolving Fair Housing Complaints

April 5, 2019    
In this month’s lesson, the Coach discusses what to do if your community is ever accused of a fair housing violation. The stakes have never been higher as federal, state, and local fair housing agencies, along with private fair housing organizations, continue to vigorously enforce fair...

Complying with State and Local Fair Housing Laws

March 7, 2019    
In this month’s lesson, the Coach surveys state and local fair housing laws. Usually, our focus is on federal law, but it’s necessary to look beyond federal law to comply with any applicable state and local law to avoid fair housing trouble. Example: In June 2018, a New Jersey landlord...

How to Comply with Fair Housing Law in Senior Communities

February 12, 2019    
In this month’s lesson, the Coach reviews fair housing rules governing senior housing communities. Fair housing law generally prohibits discrimination based on familial status, but there’s a limited exception that applies to senior housing communities that qualify as “housing for...