10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Avoid Fair Housing Trouble

September 16, 2016    
This month, the Coach zeroes in on the 10 things you can do right now to avoid fair housing trouble. Often, we’re focused on the big picture—and things that take time to put into practice. But for this lesson, we’re focusing on small, immediate steps that you could take right away...

Legal Update: Highlights from Recent Fair Housing Cases

August 29, 2016    
In this month’s lesson, the Coach offers highlights from recent court rulings on fair housing law. For each case, we’ll review what happened and how it landed in court. Then, we’ll explain the fair housing issues involved, and what the court decided and why—so you can...

Conducting Criminal Background Checks: Further FAQs & Follow-up

August 10, 2016    
In this Special Issue, we’re following up on the Coach’s June 2016 lesson on HUD’s new guidance on criminal background checks with highlights from our recent webinar. At the webinar, our experts, fair housing attorney Kathelene Williams and Linda Richer, vice president for AmRent...

Play by the Rules When It Comes to Kids and Their Families

July 21, 2016    
In this month’s lesson, the Coach reviews fair housing rules protecting children and their families from housing discrimination. The law bans discrimination based on familial status, so it’s unlawful to deny housing to people—or to treat them differently—because there’...

Case Studies: How the Courts Analyze Reasonable Accommodation Claims

June 14, 2016    
In this lesson, the Coach highlights court cases, all decided in the past few months, involving reasonable accommodation requests. Fair housing law bans discrimination based on disability, which, among other things, requires communities to make reasonable accommodations to rules, policies, or...

Q&A on HUD's New Guidance on Criminal Background Checks

May 6, 2016    
In this lesson, Fair Housing Coach reviews HUD’s latest guidance on the use of criminal background screenings—and what it means for your community. In April 2016, HUD released new guidance on how federal fair housing law applies to the use of criminal records in both conventional and...

Spring Leasing Season: Time for a Fair Housing Refresher

April 8, 2016    
With the spring leasing season in full swing, the Coach gets back to basics with a refresher on fair housing law. Think you already know all you need to know? You might be surprised, since the law banning housing discrimination isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Whether you’re new to...

Behind the Headlines: Lessons Learned from the Latest Fair Housing News

March 9, 2016    
In this lesson, the Coach spotlights recent news of settlements reached in fair housing cases. The amounts reportedly paid are sometimes staggering—which is news in and of itself—and show just how much it can cost to resolve fair housing complaints. But the real news is in the backstory...

37 Tips to Prevent Fair Housing Trouble at Your Community

February 9, 2016    
In this month’s lesson, the Coach features 37 tips to help you prevent fair housing trouble at your community. Federal fair housing law bans housing discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, and familial status. On top of that, many state and local laws...

How to Handle Disability-Related Requests for Parking Accommodations

January 12, 2016    
In this month’s lesson, the focus is on parking. Fair housing law bans discrimination based on disability, including refusing to grant requests by individuals with disabilities who need an exception to your parking policies as a reasonable accommodation so they may use and enjoy their homes.