Year in Review: Highlights from the 2017 Lessons

December 5, 2017    
In this Special Issue, the Coach wraps up 2017 with a review of this year’s lessons. Keep it handy—it’s a quick refresher on top fair housing concerns we covered this year. It’s also a helpful index to the full lessons, all of which are available to review or download from...

Rules Are Made to Be Broken: How One-Size-Fits-All Policies Can Lead to Fair Housing Trouble

November 9, 2017    
This month, the Coach tackles a fair housing myth: You have to treat everyone the same to comply with fair housing law. It’s a common belief, but it’s not as simple as that. The law requires that you give everyone an equal opportunity to live at your community—not that you treat...

Takeaway Lessons from Recent Court Rulings on Fair Housing Law

October 6, 2017    
In this month’s lesson, the Coach reviews recent court rulings on fair housing law. In each case, we review the events leading up to the dispute and how it landed in court. Then, we explain the legal issues involved, what the court decided and why, and highlight the takeaway lessons that you...

How to Prevent Housing Discrimination Claims Based on Race or Color

September 8, 2017    
In this month’s lesson, the Coach focuses on the rules banning housing discrimination based on race and color.

The Dog Issue: Busting Common Myths About Assistance Animals

August 14, 2017    
This month, the Coach reviews an increasingly common source of fair housing trouble: requests for assistance animals. There’s a lot of confusion over assistance animals, which can go by many names—service animals, therapy animals, companion animals, emotional support animals—and...

How to Abide by Fair Housing Law When Dealing with Environmental Concerns

July 27, 2017    
This month, the Coach reviews how fair housing laws may affect how you handle environmental concerns in the upkeep of your community.

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

July 12, 2017    
You never get a second chance to make a first impression, as the saying goes. It means that you should always put your best foot forward whenever you meet someone new: It takes only a few seconds for a stranger to size us up based on outward appearances—and snap judgments based on negative...

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (Discrimination) … But Were Afraid to Ask

June 12, 2017    
In this month’s lesson, the Coach reviews fair housing rules banning discrimination based on sex. While the basic rules prevent you from giving preferential treatment to either men or women because of their gender, the law has evolved to outlaw a broad range of discriminatory practices based...

Here's Why You Should Be Careful with Reasonable Accommodation Requests

May 12, 2017    
In this lesson, the focus is on disability discrimination, the leading cause of fair housing complaints filed each year. The reasons vary, but many stem from disputes over requests for reasonable accommodations—that is, exceptions to the community’s usual rules or policies—for...

Avoiding Legal Trouble When Renting to Immigrants and Noncitizens

April 5, 2017    
This month, we’re going to focus on avoiding fair housing trouble when dealing with immigrants and noncitizens. The national debate over immigration reform has been raging for many years now, but it’s taken on a new—and more politically divisive—tone since last fall’s...