FHA Trends: How New “Protected Classes” Impact Your Liability Risks

March 15, 2024    
We explain practical measures you can take in light of five emerging trends.    

Take 9 Steps When Dealing with Tenant Hoarders

February 23, 2024    
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Beyond Fair Housing Compliance: From Nondiscrimination to Diversity & Inclusion

January 23, 2024    
Firms that train staff to embrace diversity are more likely to be in tune with the principles of fair housing law.     “[XYZ Company] recognizes the principles of fair housing and diversity as core values.” How many times have you seen phrases like that in a real estate...

2023 Scorecard: Using Fair Housing Court Cases to Improve Your Compliance Efforts

December 18, 2023    
Cases from the past year offer six important lessons.    

Preventing Discrimination Against Jews, Muslims & Arabs

November 16, 2023    
As war grips the Middle East, take steps to keep the peace at your property.  

How to Avoid Military & Veteran Status Discrimination

October 19, 2023    
We mark Veterans Day by reviewing fair housing laws protecting servicemembers and veterans.  

Source of Income Discrimination Liability Risks & How to Avoid Them

September 21, 2023    
Litigation in this area is fast growing—and very costly.  

Crime & Security: Excluding Dangerous Persons Without Violating Fair Housing Laws

August 22, 2023    
Can you tell which of our 13 security policies are legal and which are discriminatory?  

Racial Discrimination Without Racism: 8 Ways Well-Intentioned Landlords Get into Fair Housing Trouble

July 20, 2023    
You don’t have to be a bigot to commit illegal discrimination.  

Does Your Building Emergency Evacuation Plan Account for the Disabled?

June 22, 2023    
Don’t leave tenants with disabilities behind.