Protected Classes

October 2023 Coach's Quiz

September 21, 2023    


A rental applicant who’s been unemployed for months gets all of her income from welfare and alimony payments. After calculating her income, you determine it’s not enough to meet your community’s income requirements. The laws of your state ban...

Source of Income Discrimination Liability Risks & How to Avoid Them

September 21, 2023    

Litigation in this area is fast growing—and very costly.


Crime & Security: Excluding Dangerous Persons Without Violating Fair Housing Laws

August 22, 2023    

Can you tell which of our 13 security policies are legal and which are discriminatory?


August 2023 Coach's Quiz

July 20, 2023    


An apartment property manager uses her mobile phone to record tenants enjoying themselves during a community pool party. Although there are Black and white tenants at the party, the manager films only the white residents. Do you think it’s a good idea...

Racial Discrimination Without Racism: 8 Ways Well-Intentioned Landlords Get into Fair Housing Trouble

July 20, 2023    

You don’t have to be a bigot to commit illegal discrimination.


Does Your Building Emergency Evacuation Plan Account for the Disabled?

June 22, 2023    

Don’t leave tenants with disabilities behind.


June 2023 Coach's Quiz

May 17, 2023    

We’ve explained how managing lead paint hazards can lead to liability for family status discrimination and the seven rules to follow to manage those risks. Now it’s your turn to apply these principles to real-life situations that may actually arise if your own community contains lead...

How to Avoid Family Status Discrimination When Managing Lead Paint Hazards

May 17, 2023    

If you’re among the many landlords with lead paint problems, you face some difficult choices.


Is Your Website Putting You at Risk of a Disability Discrimination Lawsuit?

April 18, 2023    

Website accessibility is rapidly emerging as the next big thing in fair housing liability.


Like any other consumer-facing business, multifamily housing providers need a good website that online shoppers can use to scope out their product. But while most landlords...

The 10 Most Common Fair Housing Liability Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

March 20, 2023    

We present scenarios based on actual cases. Your job: Spot the fair housing mistake.


March 2023 Coach's Quiz

February 21, 2023    

Now that we’ve outlined the six questions to ask when a tenant requests permission to keep an assistance animal to accommodate a disability-related need, let’s see how well you learned the material. Take the Coach’s Quiz below by applying the principles we’ve...

When to Grant Tenants’ Requests for Assistance Animals

February 21, 2023    

What Would You Do? Neighbors complain that a tenant is keeping Binky, a loud and menacing-looking pit bull, in her apartment in violation of your community’s no-pets policy. You ask the tenant to get rid of the dog or you may have to evict her. She becomes...