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HUD Media Campaign Focuses on Shared Opportunity for All

April 20, 2016    

April is Fair Housing Month, the time of year when the nation celebrates the 48th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act, the landmark law that was passed one week after the assassination...

HUD Proposes Rule to Protect Victims of Harassment in Housing

October 27, 2015    

HUD recently issued a proposed rule that would formalize standards for harassment cases under federal fair housing law in both private and publicly assisted housing. Although no formal regulation has been in place, HUD and courts have long held that fair housing law prohibits harassment in...

HUD Marks Fair Housing Month 2015 with National Media Campaign

April 22, 2015    

This April, HUD kicked off Fair Housing Month 2015 with the launch of a new national media campaign to alert the public about housing discrimination and what they should do if they believe their housing rights have been violated.

Update on HUD's Fair Housing Mobile App

January 30, 2015    

Nearly two years ago, HUD launched its first mobile app to allow iPhone and iPad users, in real time, to learn about their fair housing rights and to file housing discrimination complaints.

Developed by HUD and Hewlett Packard, the app uses the latest technology to provide the public with...

HUD Marks Deaf History Month

March 20, 2014    

HUD is marking Deaf History Month by reaching out to those who are deaf and hard of hearing. National Deaf History Month, March 13 to April 15, celebrates deaf history and promotes awareness and appreciation of deaf culture, heritage, and American Sign Language to the general public.

HUD Issues Guidelines on Assistance Animals and Reasonable Accommodations

August 19, 2013    

Earlier this year, HUD issued new guidelines on providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities who require assistance animals. The guidelines discuss how the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) intersect regarding the use of service or...

HUD Proposes Rule on Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing

July 25, 2013    

On July 19, 2013, HUD published a new proposed rule to Affirmatively Further Fair Housing (AFFH) in the Federal Register and made available background materials and a prototype geospatial tool. AFFH refers to the 1968 Fair...

HUD Launches First Fair Housing App

March 21, 2013    

HUD recently unveiled the first housing discrimination mobile application (app) for iPhone and iPad. Developed by HUD and Hewlett Packard, the app uses the latest technology to provide the public with a quick and easy way to learn about their housing rights and to file housing discrimination...

HUD Issues Final Rule on Disparate Impact

February 21, 2013    

HUD recently issued a final rule to formalize the national standard for determining whether a housing practice violates federal fair housing law as the result of discriminatory effect.

HUD Opens Senior Housing to Hurricane Sandy Evacuees

November 15, 2012    

On Nov. 9, 2012, HUD chief John TrasviƱa released new guidelines to support housing providers that wish to help those displaced by Hurricane Sandy. Under the new guidelines, HUD will relax the rules to allow senior housing communities to admit evacuees under age 55 without jeopardizing their...

HUD Awards $5 Million Through New Tenant Resource Network

June 21, 2012    


Housing advocates across the country will see an influx of nearly $5 million in grant money to assist low-income tenants receiving Section 8 project-based rental assistance.

In June, HUD awarded the funds through its new Tenant Resource Network (TRN) to 15 nonprofit tenant...

Fair Housing Organizations Receive $40M+ in Grants

May 18, 2012    

In early May, HUD awarded nearly $41.18 million to 99 fair housing organizations and other nonprofit agencies in 35 states and the District of Columbia to assist people who believe they’ve been victims of housing discrimination.