Update on HUD's Fair Housing Mobile App

Nearly two years ago, HUD launched its first mobile app to allow iPhone and iPad users, in real time, to learn about their fair housing rights and to file housing discrimination complaints.

Developed by HUD and Hewlett Packard, the app uses the latest technology to provide the public with a quick and easy way to learn about their housing rights and to file housing discrimination complaints. The app also contains information for the housing industry about its responsibilities under the Fair Housing Act.

In conjunction with release of the mobile app, HUD also released mobile adaptive web pages in both English and Spanish to deliver web content effectively regardless of what type of smartphone or tablet was being used.

How many people took advantage of HUD’s latest technological advances? HUD offered some answers in its latest annual report—covering fiscal years 2012 and 2013—released late last year. By the end of fiscal year 2013, HUD reported that 2,862 individuals had downloaded the app. By that time, HUD said that 194 complaints had been received from phones, 382 from tablets, and 35 through the mobile app.

Source: HUD