Pennsylvania Man Ordered to Pay $13,875 for Harassing Neighbor

The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission recently ordered a Berks County man to pay $13,875 for illegally harassing his neighbor based on her race and disability. The order took effect July 26.

The resident, who is African American, filed a complaint with the commission, alleging that her neighbor repeatedly harassed her based on her race and disability. When the neighbor failed to answer the complaint, the commission held him liable for illegal discrimination.

The neighbor was ordered to stop discriminating against the resident and to pay her $10,000 in damages for humiliation and suffering, and $2,875 for the costs of modifications to her property. He was also ordered to pay $1,000 in civil penalties to the commonwealth.

“Harassing a neighbor because of her race or disability is housing discrimination,” Commission Chairman Gerry Robinson said in a statement. “It has been illegal for decades because it denies that person’s right to enjoy her home. Equal opportunity in housing is the rule of law in Pennsylvania.”

Source: Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission