Kentucky Community Sued for Sexual Harassment

The Justice Department recently sued the manager of a residential rental property in Kentucky for sexually harassing female residents in violation of the federal Fair Housing Act. The lawsuit also alleges that the owner of the rental property is liable for his actions because she allowed him to manage the rental property on her behalf.

The complaint claims that the manager engaged in sexual harassment of female residents from approximately 2008 through 2016 by, among other things, demanding that female residents engage in sexual acts to keep their housing, engaging in unwelcome sexual touching, offering to reduce monthly rental payments in exchange for sex, making unwelcome sexual comments and advances, making intrusive and unannounced visits to female residents’ homes to further his sexual advances, and evicting or threatening to evict female residents who objected or refused his sexual advances.

“No female tenant should have to suffer sexual harassment as a condition of maintaining housing for herself or her family,” Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband said in a statement. “The Justice Department will continue to enforce the Fair Housing Act against property managers and owners who make illegal demands for sex and cause women to feel unsafe in their own homes.”

The lawsuit seeks monetary damages to compensate the victims, civil penalties, and a court order barring future discrimination. The complaint contains allegations of unlawful conduct. The allegations must be proven in federal court.