Idaho Landlord Pays $15K to Settle Claims of Discrimination Against Families

The owners and managers of a single-family rental home in Idaho recently agreed to pay $15,000 to settle allegations that they violated fair housing law by refusing to rent the large home to a married couple because they have more than four children.

The federal Fair Housing Act makes it unlawful to deny or limit housing because a family has children under the age of 18, make statements that discriminate against families with children, and impose different rules, restrictions, or policies on them.

The settlement resolves a HUD charge, alleging that the homeowners discriminated against a family attempting to lease their 2,600 square foot, four-bedroom rental home because they have seven minor children. Specifically, HUD’s charge alleges that when the couple met with the property manager about renting the home, he told them that the owners had set a limit of four children for the home. The charge also alleges a policy restricting the number of children was written in the rental contract.

“Persons attempting to provide a home for their family should not have their housing options limited because they have children,” Anna María Farías, HUD’s Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, said in a statement. “Today’s action will hopefully serve as a reminder to all housing providers of the importance of meeting their obligations to comply with the requirements of the Fair Housing Act.”