HUD Announces Winners of 2017 Healthy Homes Awards

Last month, HUD and the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) announced that four model programs around the nation are recipients of the HUD Secretary's Award for Healthy Homes, an award recognizing excellence in making indoor environments healthier through healthy homes. For the third consecutive year, HUD and NEHA identified outstanding local programs that promote healthier housing through research, education, or innovated practices.

HUD and NEHA selected the following programs:

  • Denver Housing Authority's South Lincoln Neighborhood Redevelopment Mariposa project;
  • Vermont Weatherization's One Touch Program;
  • Tribal Healthy Homes Network's Partnership for Air Matters in Alaska; and
  • Rutgers University, Bed Bug Monitoring Protocol and Model Integrated Pest Management Program.

HUD has a strong partnership with NEHA based on a common vision of creating healthier home environments by working across the health, environment, and housing sectors. The award was initiated in 2015 to showcase results achieved under a wide range of housing and indoor environmental health programs.

"The recipients of this award understand the strong connection between where we live and how healthy we are," HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson said in a statement. "They demonstrate innovative approaches to making homes healthier, and exemplify the outstanding work that's taking place throughout the nation."

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