Do You Know Your State and Local Fair Housing Laws?

The Coach’s January 2014 lesson starts the year off with an update on state and local fair housing laws.

Nearly all states—and many local governments—have adopted their own laws banning housing discrimination. Most simply mirror federal law by banning discrimination based on the seven federally protected characteristics—race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, and familial status. But in 22 states, lawmakers have added fair housing protections for characteristics not currently protected under federal law. And hundreds of local governments across the country have done the same.

Some—like marital status, age, ancestry, and creed—have been on the books for many years. While others—like sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, source of income, military status, status as a domestic violence victim, and even genetic information—have been added more recently.

To avoid fair housing trouble, it’s important to understand these additional state or local fair housing requirements. January's lesson features a state-by-state checklist that provides a snapshot of current fair housing laws. (The complete lesson is available to subscribers here.)


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