Discrimination Complaints on the Rise in Virginia

The Center for Housing Leadership at Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Virginia, Inc. (HOME) recently released the 2011 Virginia Housing Statistics Snapshot, an annual report on the housing market in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Authored by Brian Koziol, HOME’s Housing Policy & Research Analyst, the report compiles important housing data on affordability, home ownership, income, mortgage lending, foreclosures, and housing discrimination in Virginia.

Among other things, the report revealed an increase in housing complaints, particularly in familial status and elderliness. In all, there were 286 fair housing complaints in the Commonwealth during 2010. Though slightly lower than in 2009, the number of fair housing complaints has risen dramatically since 2003.

Overall, racial discrimination received the largest number of complaints in 2010, according to the report. Discrimination based on sex has grown significantly from 2000; 2010 witnessed the largest number of complaints, 34, than any year previously.

To download the full report, visit http://www.phonehome.org/GetInvolved/StayInformed/HousingSnapshot/tabid/145/Default.aspx.

Source: Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Virginia, Inc.