COACH’s Pop Quiz!

Q: A resident asked us for an accessible parking space near his unit as a reasonable accommodation. Our policy is to send a verification form to the resident’s healthcare provider to verify his need for an accommodation. However, the resident gave us a note from his cardiologist, on letterhead, stating that the resident meets the definition of disability as contained in the Fair Housing Act, that he needs an accessible space to accommodate his heart condition, and that the cardiologist has been treating him for three years. Should I insist the doctor fill out our verification form, or is it okay to accept the note the resident gave us?


A: No, you should not insist that the doctor fill out your verification document. It’s okay to accept the note the resident gave you because the document contains all three items that you need to confirm his disability status and the accommodation required, and it comes from a reliable source who is familiar with the resident’s condition.

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