Arkansas Housing Providers Settle Allegations of National Origin Discrimination

HUD recently approved three settlements with the owners and property management company of an Arkansas community, resolving allegations that they discriminated against several residents by evicting them because of their national origin and retaliated against an employee living on site who sought to inform the residents of their fair housing rights.

Federal fair housing law prohibits housing providers from discriminating against residents because of their national origin. It also prohibits retaliation against those who exercise their rights under fair housing law, or who help others to do so.

Under the settlements, the community agreed to pay the former residents a total of $51,000, revise and distribute its nondiscrimination policy, undergo fair housing training, and market housing opportunities to immigrant communities in the local area.

"Having a place to call home shouldn’t depend on where you come from," HUD's Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, Anna María Farías, said in a statement. "HUD remains committed to ensuring that everyone, regardless of their national origin, has equal access to housing and that housing providers meet their obligations under federal civil rights laws.”