Special Issue: Legal Update on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Same-Sex Marriage

July 5, 2012    
In this special issue of Fair Housing Coach, we’ll review recent legal developments related to sexual orientation and gender identity—and same-sex marriage. Although federal law doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage, or ban housing discrimination based on sexual orientation or...

What Would You Do? Lessons Learned From Recent Fair Housing Cases

June 5, 2012    
It’s summertime, so this month’s issue of Fair Housing Coach is ditching its usual lesson plan and taking a field trip—to see what’s happened this year in courts around the country.

The Dos & Don'ts of Conducting Criminal Background Checks

May 11, 2012    
This month’s lesson takes a look at a “hot topic” in fair housing circles: the use of criminal background checks in screening prospective residents.

How to Keep Maintenance Services from Triggering Fair Housing Claims

April 9, 2012    
This month, we'll explain how to ensure compliance with fair housing laws when providing maintenance and repair services in multifamily housing communities.

Fair Housing FAQs: Answering Your Questions About Fair Housing Compliance

March 13, 2012    
In honor of Fair Housing Month, we're going to tackle some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about fair housing that come up in conventional multifamily housing communities.

Meeting Disability-Related Needs of Individuals with Mobility Impairments

February 8, 2012    
This month, we're going to review the fair housing rules requiring communities to address the disability-related needs of individuals with mobility impairments. Communities should expect increased demand to meet those requirements. Currently, veterans are returning from active duty in Iraq,...

Dealing with the Rise in Multi-Generational Households

January 17, 2012    
  This month, we're going to look at the fair housing implications of the latest trend: the rapid increase in multigenerational living arrangements.

How to Protect Your Community from Race Discrimination Claims

December 11, 2011    
This month, in honor of Martin Luther King Day, our lesson focuses on discrimination based on race—the bedrock of fair housing law. When the landmark legislation was enacted in 1968, Congress declared that ensuring fair housing throughout the United States was a national policy of the “...

Nevada, Connecticut Add Fair Housing Protections Based on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity or Expression

July 18, 2011    
In June, two more states added fair housing protections to cover sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. On June 1, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval signed into law a bill (SB368) to prohibit housing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. And...

DOJ: Communities in Three States Lack Required Accessibility

April 30, 2011    
May 2011: The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) recently filed a lawsuit against the owners, developers, and design professionals involved in the design and construction of nine multifamily housing complexes in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee. Together, the communities include more than 2,000...